Zoya Berelovich Thornhill, Woman charge with murder charge after infant death in Ontario

Zoya Berelovich Thornhill, Woman charge with murder after infant death in Ontario

Zoya Berelovich Thornhill Murder – In connection with the death of a newborn that occurred on Thursday evening in Thornhill, Ontario, the police have filed a charge of first-degree murder. Just after six o’clock in the evening, emergency personnel were dispatched to a residence on Wade Gate, which is located close to the intersection of Dufferin and Centre streets, in response to allegations of an injury sustained by an infant.

Officers from the York Regional Police Department arrived at the scene and discovered a infant who was not responding inside the residence. Despite the efforts of the medical staff to save the newborn’s life, the infant was pronounced dead at the hospital. After receiving an update on the situation on Friday morning, the police said that a charge of first-degree murder had been filed in conjunction with the investigation.

The accused was described as Zoya Berelovich, who is 37 years old, according to court documents. However, the police did not identify her. However, it is not obvious whether or not she has any kind of contact with the victim. During her appearance in court on Friday morning, she was placed under arrest until the outcome of a hearing regarding her bail.

The police have stated that there are no suspects to be found. At this time, the investigators are waiting for the results of an autopsy to be conducted before they can confirm the cause of death. Any individual who has been impacted by the tragedy can continue to access the victim assistance programs offered by the York Regional Police.

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