Wendy Campbell, CEO of Food Bank of Waterloo Region has allegedly died

Wendi Campbell, CEO of Food Bank of Waterloo Region has allegedly died

Wendy Campbell Obituary – On Thursday, January 18, 2024, reports reaching the public suggested the apparent death of Food Bank of Waterloo CEO, Wendy Campbell. However, till now, no substantial information or evidence has been revealed supporting the death claims hence the skepticism of members of the public towards the news. No family member, associate or friend of Wendy Campbell has come forward to authenticate the information and support these death claims.

Wendy Campbell Cancer Battle & Medical Leave

In December 2023, it was reported that Campbell who spent the last 24 years as Chief Executive Officer of Food Bank of Waterloo, took a medical leave as a result of her battle with cancer since June 2023.

About Wendy Campbell

Wendy is an accomplished CEO with a track record of organizational management, innovation, and relationship growth. With over 25 years of experience in the non-profit sector, she has given strategic leadership and expertise in program creation, system transformation, financial management, and capacity expansion, enabling organizations to succeed. She is enthusiastic about the pursuit of innovation in the non-profit sector and has a track record of using strategic resource investment, collaboration, and progressive leadership to stimulate originality within the industry.

Conestoga College, a Special Olympics Ontario and full time MS Society.

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