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Vince Rinaldi Medford, MA, died after battling cancer on Jan. 5 | GoFundMe

Vincent Rinaldi Death – Vincent Rinaldi of Medford, Massachusetts, passed away on Friday, January 5, after a fierce battle with cancer. According to his loved ones, Rinaldi diagnosed with rare ocular melanoma in 2018. After the diagnosis started a journey marked by rigorous treatments such as radiation, eye enucleation, and a yearlong chemotherapy trial. Ali Matson Rinaldi wrote my beautiful, strong, kind hearted husband and best daddy there could ever possibly be took his last breath with us in this world.

In true Vince fashion, he fought with everything he had up until his dying breath to stay here-never wanting his time with his girls to come to an end. His last act on earth was of course one of love and selflessness fighting to stay here through Christmas and New Year’s and then until Siana was back in school before he passed. The day of his passing he kept asking me what time it was and if it was night time yet. He was waiting until the girls were sleeping soundly and completely unaware to enter his final battle here. The past three weeks have been incredibly cruel on our whole family, but I take some solace in knowing as he took his final breath the last thing he heard was how much I loved him and how happy he made me.

Vince Rinaldi GoFundMe

Megan DeMarco created a GoFundMe page on behalf of Alexandra Rinaldi. According to the page; Vince was admitted to the hospital due to the aggressive spread of cancer throughout his body. The heartbreaking news came next: Vince has only days to weeks left with his family. Now at home, Vince is fighting a valiant struggle to spend one more holiday season with his cherished family.

DeMarco offered an invitation to join in assisting the Rinaldi family in light of their tremendous medical bills and the impending emotional toll. Gifts, whether monetary or in the form of fervent prayers, can have a big influence during this calamitous time. They have incorporated a PayPal option for your convenience to simplify your contribution. Make a donation by clicking the link below to assist reduce the financial load.

Vince Rinaldi Obituary and funeral plans will be released by the family…

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