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Velimir Lucic Cleveland, OH, “Hookahmaster” died by suicide | GoFundMe

Velimir Lucic Death – Velimir Lucic of Cleveland, Ohio, has passed away, he was also known as “Hookahmaster.” Velimir was married to Valentina Lucic and they have three (3) beautiful daughters together. He was said to have died by suicide.

Beena Binki Patel wrote on Facebook; I’m so sad!!! I just spoke to you few days ago to tell you I was coming to Tomo Hibachi & Sushi soon …………… It’s not going to be the same celebrating my birthday’s without my lovely friends. We loved coming for Tina & Velimir!!! I wish I was just waking up from dream where it wasn’t true with the news I’ve heard. My dear friend RIP Velimir Lucic please keep the Lucic’s & Valentina & his 3 beautiful daughters in your thoughts & prayers this is so sad. I’m still in shock

Velimir Lucic GoFundMe

Michelle Lucic, Velimir daughter created a GoFundMe page to raise donations that will be used to help and support the family at this time. According to Michelle, her mother, Valentina, is in critical condition at the hospital and is expected to stay in the hospital for several months. They have a goal of $70,000, but they are not sure this will be enough. They have no means of income and will have to pay for several operations, surgeries, and medical expenses for both my mother and father, on top of funeral arrangements for my father, in a short time period.

My sisters (Diana and Tina), grandmother (Dijana) and I are together trying to figure out next steps as a family. We appreciate any and all help, support, donations, and prayers at this time. We are suffering emotionally and physically from everything that is going on. My family is grateful for any assistance.

Velimir Lucic Obituary and funeral plans will be released by the family…

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