Trey Martin Gulf Breeze Death

Trey Martin Gulf Breeze Death, City’s parks and recreation director has died

Trey Martin Gulf Breeze Death – Trey Martin, the city’s parks and recreation director has died. The Gulf Breeze community is mourning his passing. Trey Martin of Gulf Breeze, Florida was announced dead today. He died on Monday night. So far, no official news on his cause of death has been released. His work family is devastated.

City Manager Samantha Abell issued a statement on Thursday following his passing:

“We were informed by Trey Martin’s family a short time ago that he died Monday night. Trey has been on personal leave for a couple of months. Trey’s work record was stellar. He was an integral member of our team. Everyone who worked with Trey liked him. His work family is devastated. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and everyone who knew and loved Trey.”

About Trey Martin

Trey Martin’s time with Gulf Breeze’s Parks and Recreation Department has been extraordinary. Trey, the temporary director since 2022, rapidly made an impression with his enthusiasm for community space improvement. In June 2023, he became parks and recreation director permanently due to his performance.

Trey was an important element of the department’s dynamic squad beyond his rank. His accomplishments showed his dedication to creating a lively and inclusive community via leisure. Under his supervision, the parks blossomed, providing residents and tourists with many fun activities and well-kept locations to relax.

In recent months, Trey took a personal break from work to handle personal concerns. Despite his brief departure, his exceptional work record and legacy of successful projects carried on. Trey’s absence was noticed, highlighting his importance to the department and his connection with coworkers.

Trey was liked by everyone due to his openness and collaboration. He inspired and motivated his colleagues, creating a creative and innovative workplace. Trey’s leadership, friendship, and mentorship fostered departmental togetherness.

The City of Gulf Breeze anxiously welcomes Trey’s return from personal leave and his renewed energy and passion for the parks and recreation staff. His absence has further enhanced his appreciation for his beneficial impact on the community and his vital role in developing the city’s recreational scene.

The family will release an obituary and funeral arrangements for Trey Martin.

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