Trestle Bridge Downingtown

Trestle Bridge Downingtown; Body found dead in West Bradford on Dec. 8

Trestle Bridge Downingtown Suicide – An unconscious person was found Downingtown Pike & Bradford Avenue, West Bradford Township on Friday, December 8, around 12:12 in the afternoon. The authorities were called to the scene and the shutdown between Bradford Ave & Robbins Rd. Reports have it that the body alleged to be a female had been there for a while. It’s unknown if it’s someone that jumped.

A very large police presence were at the scene. The roadway was later opened around 3:33 p.m. in the afternoon. The event draws attention to the importance of elevating the level of mental health awareness within the community as well as finding community-wide solutions to complex mental health problems. While the investigation is still ongoing, local officials are urging residents to remain vigilant and get assistance for any issues related to their mental health concern. The community is strongly encouraged to provide assistance to one another during these challenging times and to cultivate an environment in which individuals feel comfortable seeking assistance.

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