Tomislav Markovic Death

Tomislav Markovic Milwaukee, Coach Big Tommy died after pancreatic cancer battle

Tomislav Markovic Death – Tomislav Markovic, the co-founder of Hrvat Milwaukee has sadly passed away. He was a kind and gentle spirit who loved the Croatian Eagles Soccer Club very much. Tomislav Markovic of Milwaukee, Wisconsin affectionately known to many as ‘Big Tommy’, ‘Tomica’ and ‘Coach Tomi’ was announced dead by those affected by his passing.

Coach Tomislav Markovic died on Monday, the 15th of January 2024 after a 5-year battle with pancreatic cancer, surrounded by his family. Thoughts and prayers are with his friends, family, and community during this difficult time.

Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club released the following statement:

“On behalf of the staff, players, and families of Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club, we are sending our deepest condolences to the Tomislav Markovic family and everyone at the Croation Eagles Soccer Club. Tomislav was a pillar in the Wisconsin Soccer community and he will be greatly missed.”

About Tomislav Markovic

Tomislav, the Co-Founder of Hrvat Milwaukee, was dedicated to creating an environment where soccer players excelled while fostering essential camaraderie. His commitment extended beyond sports to preserving and strengthening the Croatian Community, emphasizing unity.

He invested time and passion into the Croatian Eagles Soccer Club, inspiring others with his admirable dedication. A prominent supporter of the Perfect Pint, he epitomized community building.

Tomislav stood out not just for his soccer involvement but for his unparalleled determination to overcome challenges, showcasing resilience and a belief in shared goals. His legacy, extending beyond the field, emphasized the strength derived from genuine connections within the team and the broader community.

His vision went beyond winning games; it aimed to create a lasting impact, ensuring enduring bonds and contributing to community strength. In his memory, the Croatian Eagles Soccer Club continues to embody Tomislav’s principles of high-level performance, unwavering camaraderie, and commitment to the broader community.

As players take the field, they carry with them the legacy of a man who dedicated his life to a vision transcending sports, leaving an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to know him.

Obituary and Funeral arrangements for Tomislav Markovic have not been made by the family.

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