Tim Boothroyd Amesbury MA, Plymouth State University Alumnus has died

Tim Boothroyd Amesbury MA, Plymouth State University Alumnus has died

Tim Boothroyd Death – Tim Boothroyd has passed away suddenly. The Amesbury, Massachusetts native was announced dead on Friday, January 5, 2024. He died leaving many hearts scarred after learning of his sudden death. He will always be missed by all those who had the pleasure of meeting him during the course of his life.

Since the news of his death surfaced, many have not hesitated to share their heartfelt condolences with the family of Tim Boothroyd, also paying tribute to him in recently released statements. Everyone is urged to keep the family in their thoughts and prayers as they navigate through this sad time grieving the unimaginable loss of Tim Boothroyd.

Who was Tim Boothroyd?

Tim Boothroyd was a student Business & Finance at Plymouth State University where he graduated from. He was a native of Amesbury, Massachusetts where he spent all his life, even until his time of death. He was known for his outgoing personality, love for music and people. 

Tim Boothroyd Cause of death

At the time of this publication, the circumstances surrounding Tim Boothroyd’s passing including her precise cause of death are not specified in the provided information; hence the exact details are unknown. So far, no further details have been revealed. The general public will be updated as soon as this piece of information is made available.

“He was one of my biggest fans. He always had a way of making me feel like I was some kind of star- someone important- even if we’d gone years without seeing each other. He would walk in a room and the smiles all went up. I’ll remember that about him until the day I die.” said Chris Kelliher paying tribute to him

Tim Boothroyd obituary and funeral arrangements will be released at a later date

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