TikTok Video: Elexus Whiteman Plymouth IN alleges murder plot by Darlene Rodriguez and Mathew Juarez

Alexis Whiteman Plymouth IN – A video started circulating on TikTok on August 18, 2023, about Elexus Whiteman, a longtime resident of Plymouth, Indiana. In the video, Elexus expressed concerns about her safety and that of her daughter. She claimed that any harm that might befall them would be attributed to Darlene Rodriguez and Mathew Juarez.

According to Elexus, these two individuals were allegedly plotting against her due to her knowledge of a hidden truth within their family. Alexis further revealed that Darlene and Mathew were intent on silencing her to prevent her from revealing the concealed truth to the public.

Allegedly, they were even considering hiring individuals to carry out harm against her, to avoid direct involvement. She asserted that their aim was to eliminate any potential connection between them and the harm that might befall her.

In a somber tone, Alexis Whiteman emphasized that she had no role in any potential negative outcomes. Instead, she firmly attributed any harm or disappearance she might experience to the actions of Darlene and Mathew, who she claimed had orchestrated a deliberate scheme against her.

Amidst the viral video of Elexus Whiteman, her former boyfriend Darlene Rodriguez addressed the situation through his TikTok account. Follow this link to watch the video.

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