Tarver Braddock

Tarver Braddock, Neville HS died, 4 others injured in deer camp fire accident

Tarver Braddock Death – Tarver Braddock, a Neville High School student and player passed away following an accident that happened at a hunting camp. According to reports, there were five kids who were involved in an accident involving a fire. It appears that a fire started on the porch of the camp at approximately 2:30 in the morning.

A total of four adolescents were taken to a hospital in Natchez, Mississippi, suffering from wounds and burns. Following his transfer to a hospital in Jackson, where he was pronounced dead, Braddock was taken to the hospital.

On the fifth of January, following the second period, classes at Neville High School were dismissed. All of the students have reportedly left the school, and the majority of them have moved to First Methodist Church, which has opened its doors for prayer.

It has been reported by McCarty that the professors would return at one o’clock in the afternoon to assist with counseling. Additionally, classes are set to resume on Monday, January 8, and counseling services will continue to be provided.

Tarver Braddock Obituary and funeral plans will be released by the family..

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