Blase Raia and Brooke Zimmerman died in Altoona, PA murder-suicide; shooting

Tanaia Wilkinson Millis MA and Michael Fischella found dead in murder-suicide off Route 115

Tanaia Wilkinson Death – The man and woman found dead Sunday morning off Route 115 in Millis beside their automobile have been identified by the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office. The lady was identified as 25-year-old Tanaia Wilkinson, and the guy as 32-year-old Michael Fischella by the district attorney’s office. The district attorney’s office stated that Wilkinson and Fischella shared a Millis address, 67 Curve St., but it made no mention of their romantic affiliation.

The district attorney’s office had earlier stated that a gun had been discovered beneath Fischella’s body and that Wilkinson and Fischella looked to have died from gunshot wounds. Furthermore, according to the district attorney’s office, Fischella and Wilkinson were not native to Massachusetts and had just recently relocated to Millis. Although there is ongoing investigation, district attorney Michael Morrissey stated on Sunday afternoon that there is no proof of outside participation.

Within the next two days, the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office is anticipated to ascertain Wilkinson’s and Fischella’s method and cause of death. A municipal employee working on a remote dirt road off Route 115 discovered the remains around nine in the morning on Sunday, according to earlier information from the district attorney’s office. Due to a misunderstanding between the responding cops, Fischella and Wilkinson were initially stated to be in their 20s.

Tanaia Wilkinson’s obituary and funeral arrangements will be released by the family at a later date.

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