John Bejarano

Suicide; John Bejarano Jurupa Valley died in pedestrian accident

John Bejarano Death – An accident involving a vehicle and a pedestrian occurred in Jurupa Valley on Monday morning, and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department reports that John Bejarano, 38 years old, was killed in the aftermath of the incident.

Bejarano passed away as a result of injuries he sustained in an accident involving a vehicle and a pedestrian that occurred along Limonite Avenue in Jurupa Valley. John Bejarano, a resident of Jurupa Valley, was strolling along Limonite Avenue nearby Camino Real at approximately 8:30 in the morning when he was struck by a car traveling in the other direction, according to the authorities.

It was determined that Bejarano had passed away at the scene of the collision. After the accident, the driver who was involved came to a stop. Following this incident, there are claims that the passing of John Bejarano was suicide and it been connected to the incident that happened in Mount Rubidoux. According to reports, a man has died by suicide near the cross at the top of Mount Rubidoux.

This incident is still being looked into by authorities. John Bejarano Obituary and funeral plans will be released by the family…

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