Skokie Shooting: Big fight, gunfire outside Mariano’s Jewish supermarket at Palestinians Pro Human Rights rally in Skokie, IL

Skokie Police Department, Skokie Fire Department arrest one after a Zionist fired shots at Palestinians protesters Sunday

Skokie Shooting Investigations – Law enforcement agencies are investigating a shooting incident outside the Jewish supermarket in Skokie, IL on Sunday. A Zionist has been arrested for causing disturbance as police respond to the reports of a shot fired at the crowds who were actively gathered for the pro Human Rights protest. According to reports, a pro Israel protester allegedly fired a shot at a large number of individuals oustide the supermarket.

Multiple officers with the Skokie Police Department, Skokie Fire Department, and multiple aids responded to the scene of the incident. “Gunfire was just reportedly heard outside of the Mariano’s Jewish supermarket in Skokie where Palestinians are currently holding a pro HAMAS rally. Heavy police presence in Skokie where Palestinians are currently harassing Jews in Skokie, one of the most Jewish neighbourhood in Illinois.”

According to Investigative Journalist Laura Loomer, Masked, pro-terrorist men can be seen on video here screaming anti-Israel and anti-Jewish slurs at Jews in the parking lot. The Palestinian rally was originally set to be in Downtown Chicago, but today the Palestinians relocated to Skokie, which is very close to West Roger’s Park, the largest orthodox Jewish neighbourhood in Illinois.

The Palestinians are now intentionally harassing Jews in Jewish neighbourhoods. HAMAS Muslims and Palestinians shout “shame on you” at Jews in the majority Jewish city of Skokie Illinois as they leave the Kosher supermarket and stores in this predominantly Kosher shopping plaza. The Palestinians moved their rally from Downtown Chicago, to Skokie.

A massive crowd of police presence are currently at the scene where Palestinian, pro-Terror protesters are harassing Jews as they walk into the Kosher market. Gunshots were just heard and more police and ambulances are arriving. This is a developing story.

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