Seoul Stabbing: 17 injured in fresh attack Seohyeon Station, Gyeonggi Province in Korea

One in custody, one at large after driver and occupant intentionally drives vehicle into occupied, goes on stabbing spree Thursday

According to a report, police, and fire authorities have stated that a vehicle veered onto the pavement in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province on Thursday, resulting in injuries to a minimum of 17 individuals. Subsequently, two individuals exited the vehicle and proceeded to engage in a stabbing spree.

At approximately 5:50 p.m., law enforcement apprehended an individual believed to be involved in the reported event that occurred in close proximity to Seohyeon Station, situated on the Bundang Line of the Seoul subway network. According to sources, the other individual remains at large.

A total of five individuals sustained injuries as a result of a vehicle veering into the pavement in close proximity to a department store. Subsequently, an additional minimum of twelve individuals suffered harm when the perpetrator disembarked from the vehicle and proceeded to engage in acts of stabbing against pedestrians.  The police have stated that they are currently assessing the injuries and investigating the precise circumstances surrounding the incident.


Seoul Stabbing: 33-year-old Cho arrives at Seoul Central District Court after terror attack

The Seoul Central District Court has issued an arrest warrant for the 33-year-old individual, identified as Cho, on counts of murder and attempted murder. The order was obtained due to concerns that the defendant may seek to evade prosecution. On Friday, an individual named Cho was apprehended following a fatal incident in which he inflicted numerous fatal stab wounds onto an unidentified male in his twenties near the vicinity of Sillim Station, which is situated along Line 2 and the Sillim Line. Additionally, Cho also caused injuries to three other male individuals.

According to law enforcement officials, the perpetrator and the individuals who were harmed had no prior acquaintance with each other. Upon departing from the Seoul Gwanak Police Station earlier in the day in order to attend the court hearing, Cho expressed that he had engaged in the criminal act as a result of an unspecified “extreme hardship.”

The crime was committed as a result of the individual’s significant adversity. Cho informed the reporters of his repentance, refraining from providing further details regarding the specific adversity he has encountered. As he departed from the police station, he consistently expressed remorse to the journalists, uttering the phrase “I apologize” while keeping his eyes shut.

Upon his presence before the court, Cho expressed that he had been facing a challenging position for an extended period of time, without providing further details. He expressed remorse for his actions, acknowledging that they were morally incorrect. I perceive myself as lacking utility or value. I apologize for my actions.

During the course of the police investigation, the suspect purportedly admitted to experiencing intense feelings of wrath during the commission of the crime, expressing a desire to inflict misery upon others due to their own personal experiences of misery. According to law enforcement authorities, one of the three individuals who sustained injuries has been released from the medical facility, while the remaining two are currently undergoing medical treatment.

In the interim, law enforcement authorities have formally appealed to the Korea Communications Standards Commission to expunge the closed-circuit television (CCTV) recordings depicting the incident of multiple stabbings, which were afterwards disseminated on the internet, and to implement measures to restrict public access to those tapes.

The police have announced their intention to enhance their surveillance efforts over the dissemination of the material online. They also plan to investigate individuals who regularly upload or share such movies, as they recognize the potential for these videos to do additional harm to the victims and exacerbate public anxiety.

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