Schinara Patterson, Kids Zimyra 6, kiziah 13, killed by father Marvin Patterson in Las Vegas murder-suicide

Schinara Patterson, Kids Zimyra 6, kiziah 13, killed by Marvin Patterson in Las Vegas murder-suicide

Schinara Patterson Death – According to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, the alleged shooter in a murder-suicide at an apartment in the northwest valley was on house arrest and charged with child sex crimes prior to killing four people and turning the pistol on himself. The 42-year-old shooter was named as Marvin Ray Patterson. He allegedly shot a mother and three kids inside the second-story apartment on Oso Blanca Road and Durango, according to Las Vegas police.

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Micheala Bernoudy created a GoFundMe page, identifying the deceased woman as Nara and the children as 13-year-old Kiziah, an 11-year-old boy, and 6-year-old Zimyra. Six and thirteen years old perished. The youngster, eleven years old, was brought to the hospital. The 6-year-old is the child that Nara and Patterson had together, according to a law enforcement source.

About Marvin Patterson and Schinara Patterson

Patterson and Nara were wed, according to a check for marriage records. Her names are given as Schinara Shinek Patterson and Schinara Shinek Bernoundy on their marriage license, which was filed on May 5, 2019. According to documents from the Las Vegas Justice Court, Patterson was detained and accused of sex crimes against minors in October 2022.

Nine felonies were brought against him; these included two counts of sexual assault with a youngster under sixteen, one offense of lewdness with a child under sixteen, five counts of lewdness with a child under fourteen, and one count of first-degree kidnapping of a minor. It is believed that the offenses took place between 2014 and 2022. In favor of Tem Initially, Judge Jessica Green granted $100,000 bail with strict electronic monitoring, requiring the man to give up his passport and avoid contact with anyone under the age of 18.

Marvin Patterson Accused of Sex Crimes

Judge Diana Sullivan lowered the bond amount two months later to $10,000 with the same conditions of being under close electronic observation, not visiting minors, and giving up his passport. According to court documents, Patterson’s defense lawyer sought for a $10,000 bail, but the Clark County District Attorney’s Office objected to the hearing being held. It should be mentioned that Patterson’s brother was there to encourage him. A jury trial for Patterson’s case was set for April 2024 after it was transferred to the Clark County District Court earlier this year.

Schinara Patterson’s obituary and funeral arrangements will be released by the family at a later date.

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