Samy Tamouro Montreal QB linked to Hells Angels shot dead at Cancun gym in Mexico

Samy Tamouro Montreal QB linked to Hells Angels shot dead at Cancun gym in Mexico

Rios Gonzalez Death – On Wednesday, a 37-year-old guy from Quebec who was closely associated with the Hells Angels was shot and killed in Mexico. According to two Mexican media outlets, Samy Tamouro passed away in a Cancun gym. Tamouro was charged in 2016 following the arrest of a drug dealer in Project Magot-Mastiff, who later turned informant and produced documentation connecting Tamouro to the Quebec-based Hells Angels organization.

A screenshot purporting to be Tamouro’s Quebec driver’s license was shown on one of the murderous internet posts. Tamouro is also connected to Frédérick Silva, the hitman who turned informant in the summer of 2022, according to reports. The Sûreté du Québec and the Montreal police executed several search warrants last week, based on an ongoing investigation that commenced subsequent to Silva’s ratification as an informant.

Following Silva’s helicopter-assisted removal from a federal penitentiary and placement under police protection, several prominent members of the organized crime community, according to police sources, departed Quebec in recent months. In a statement on Twitter, the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Quintana Roo said that preliminary investigations show the victim had a criminal history in Canada, where he was convicted of gangsterism and possession of money with an unapproved origin.

It seems to be a reference to Tamouro’s 2017 courtroom plea of guilty to a charge of gangsterism and possessing the proceeds of criminal activity in Montreal. The individual who turned informant after being arrested in Magot-Mastiff in 2015 gave the information that served as the basis for the charges. Tamouro received an 18-month prison sentence.

The drug dealer who later turned informant in Project Magot-Mastiff, which looked into how the Hells Angels, the Montreal Mafia, and a few leaders of street gangs came to an agreement to sell drugs like cocaine prior to arrests in 2015, claimed to have started dealing with Tamouro in 2010.

In a case launched against Hells Angels chief Salvatore Cazzetta, the informant gave a testimony in court. The source identified himself as an accountant in charge of a little drug trafficking operation in Montreal. According to him, Tamouro was brought into the gang with the responsibility of ensuring that the network had “employees,” which is a code word for low-level dealers.

The informant claimed that the network joined forces with another organization, which included the son of a Hells Angels full-patch member, because of those links. The informant claimed that after a year of collaboration, they were transporting three kilograms of cocaine each month between three locations in Montreal. It was claimed that a Hells Angels member provided the cocaine to the network. Additionally, the informant stated in court that Tamouro was formerly a part of the Hells Angels support group, the Dark Souls.

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