Salma Bashir Death

Salma Bashir Death, Pittsburgh PA resident and Makeup artist Slay with Salma has died

Salma Bashir Death – Salma Bashir, a renowned makeup artist and resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has passed away. She was announced dead today, Wednesday, the 10th of January 2024. Salma Bashir died yesterday morning after years of operations and being on the waiting list for multiple organ transplants.

In 2008, at the age of 5, Salma Bashir, the visionary behind Slay With Salma, faced a life-altering event when her dream team was tragically compromised by a pool filter’s suction. Following a small intestine transplant, her body rejected the organ, leading to its removal along with her large intestine and gall bladder six months later.

About Salma Bashir

Salma Bashir was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was a Makeup lover. Currently, Salma Bashir has garnered an impressive following of 88,232 enthusiasts on her ‘Slay With Salma’ makeup tutorial Instagram account. Remarkably, she utilizes this platform not only to publicize her incredible makeup skills but also as a means of escape from the challenges posed by her medical condition.

Beyond being a showcase for her talent, the page serves as a haven where Salma finds solace and connection with her followers, creating a supportive community that goes beyond the realm of cosmetics.

Salma Bashir obituary and funeral arrangements will be announced at a later date by the family.

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