Ryan Shtuka missing since 2018 from Sun Peaks Resort, British Columbia has been found dead, Locals fear a murderer may be on the loose

Ryan Shtuka missing since 2018 from Sun Peaks Resort, British Columbia has been found dead, Locals fear a murderer may be on the loose

Ryan Shtuka missing from Sun Peaks Resort in British Columbia has allegedly passed away. According to reports, residents recounted an unknown individual tailing lone drivers after midnight around a resort outside Penticton. A Reddit user narrated how she escaped from a supposed trailer that drove five kilometers behind her for years before Ryan was declared missing near the same area.

Another user alleged Ryan was drunk and may have died from overdose. He was intoxicated, likely got lost, and succumbed to the elements. I don’t believe it’s anything more than that at all. There is so much wildlife where he was also.

Ryan Shtuka and his best friend arrived in Sun Peaks, British Columbia on December 1, 2017, with plans to spend the winter season performing seasonal employment and snowboarding. Ryan was living in Sun Peaks with roommates and working as a lift operator at the ski resort. Ryan left home after work on February 16, 2018, and headed to a local pub for a Silent Disco event with his housemates. The group later left the pub to attend a house party just a few minutes away from their home.

Ryan was last seen leaving a house party on Burfield Drive in Sun Peaks, British Columbia, around 2:10 a.m. on February 17, 2018. When Ryan and his buddies decided to leave the party, he was reportedly observed rising up and putting on his coat and shoes. His roommates then walked out the door, certain that Ryan was close following.

Ryan had vanished by the time they turned around. They figured he was either late tying his shoes or had opted to stay at the party, so they walked the five minutes home without him. Authorities searched the area where Ryan was last seen extensively with the assistance of Kamloops Search and Rescue, as well as volunteer teams, canine units, drones, snowmobiles, and helicopters, but discovered no trace of Ryan Shtuka.

Since his disappearance, there has been no movement on his phone, bank account, or social media. Ryan’s family believes he died as a result of the elements and that his body is somewhere in Sun Peaks. If you have any information about Ryan Shtuka’s disappearance, please call the Kamloops Royal Canadian Mounted Police at (250) 828-3000. Crimestoppers can be reached at 1-800-222-8477.

This is a long shot but I have left a message on the criminal hotline before and never heard back. Possibly linked or maybe not even at all.

In the summer of 2007, I was tree planting at Apex Mountain Resort just outside of Penticton. My boyfriend at the time was living in Calgary and I was scheduled to go see him for the long weekend (Canada Day). I had to drive back the 8 hours to see him – and instead of sleeping that Friday night, I was kept up by my comrades who were drinking and partying. We were staying at the apex hostel at the time (I had the room by the back exit in the basement). I was tired and I wanted to sleep that night but I couldn’t since I was quite excited and the noise was too loud from the partying – so I got up at 3 am and left the hostel to drive home. I got down half way before I noticed someone was following me. At first I thought it was my friends but I was the only one with their own vehicle at the resort at the time. Then maybe I thought the car behind me wanted to pass me…so I slowed down. Almost to a stop. But they would just be behind me slowing down and stopping. Finally, they turned off after 5 KMs. I can’t remember how long after but I pulled over before I got to Penticton and I just decided to rest my eyes since I thought it was a weird occurrence and I just needed a reset. As soon as I closed my eyes I heard the car/or white minivan (I believe) drive up behind me. Before I knew it, there was someone sprinting for my car…like sprinting. I was like “nope” so I turned my car on and speed of. I just remembered then looking defeated in the mirror. Like let down. It was a man. A large stocky figure and maybe he had a white shirt on. I can’t remember much because I was so tired but after that my adrenaline drove me all the way to golden before I took a break. I cried so hard at a rest stop. I still have nightmares about that incident. I do believe whomever was running towards me was the same car that was following me prior and they were going to harm me.

Ryan Shtuka Obituary and Funeral Arrangements will be Released by the Family

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