Rusty Stallings

Rusty Stallings Belvidere, NC, has died, loved ones mourns

Rusty Stallings Death – Rusty Stallings of Belvidere, North Carolina, has passed away leaving his family and friends. Stallings graduated from Perquimans County High School and worked at Nucor Steel. Stallings was the owner and operator at R & R Farms. The circumstances of Rusty Stallings passing, including the specific cause of his passing has not been confirmed, but there are reports that he died in an accident.

Brandon Wilkins of Monroe, North Carolina, wrote in a tribute on social media; I havent slept since I left you last night, I’m lost man, I’m gutted, I’m angry. We were suppose to go to Arkansas and Mexico next month, this ain’t right man. You and austin are my brothers, we weren’t done yet, the hundreds of hunts and the thousands of birds were just the start. We had a lifetime to go of traveling and hunting. I’m hurting brother, but I promise you I will live, and love to the fullest. I’m going to scratch that 42 off the list, and I’m taking you with me the whole ride. Keep sending me cold fronts, northwest winds, and the greenheads. Save me a seat, scout a good timber hole, and have it ready to go when we meet again. I love you brother Rusty Stallings

Rusty Stallings Obituary and funeral plans will be released by the family at a later date…

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