Roddy Lunceford Billerica MA has died, Family and friends mourns his death

Nashua, New Hampshire resident is dead. What was Roddy Lunceford cause of death? Learn more about Roddy Lunceford obituary and death

Roddy Lunceford Death – Roddy Lunceford, a resident of Nashua, New Hampshire, and an employee at Pipefitters Local 537 has passed away. He was announced dead by his beloved mother in a social media publication made on Sunday, August 6th, 2023, that says “I cannot even believe I’m posting this, my son Roddy Lunceford has passed away. I have lost both my children in a year. Life is so unfair, what the fuck.” The circumstances surrounding his cause of death were not immediately made public by the family.

Who was Roddy Lunceford?

Roddy Lunceford was a resident of Nashua, New Hampshire, and a native of Billerica, Massachusetts. He was an employee at Pipefitters Local 537 and also in a relationship with Tina Galvin, according to his social media profile. Roddy, a name that brings a smile to the faces of those who knew him, was much more than just a young man who loved skateboarding. He was a beloved son, a cherished friend, and a source of inspiration to everyone fortunate enough to cross his path.

His story was one of friendship, passion, and the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child. Born to Denise Price Lunceford, Roddy’s arrival brought immeasurable joy and purpose into her life. From the very beginning, their connection was unbreakable, a mother’s love intertwined with a son’s adoration. Denise’s unwavering support and encouragement fueled Roddy’s dreams and passions, setting the foundation for the remarkable journey that lay ahead.

Roddy’s closest companion, Dylan Beecher, stood by his side through thick and thin. Their friendship was forged in the fires of shared interests and mutual understanding. From the moment they first met, a deep connection was established, one that transcended the boundaries of mere friendship. Their bond was a testament to the power of companionship, offering each other strength, laughter, and the comfort of unwavering loyalty.

Tribute to Roddy Lunceford

Dylan Beecher took to his social media to write about his best friend. The post read “From skateboarding as 13-year-old youngins and getting house tattoos to growing up and being my brother, even living with me and my family at one point. The amount of memories I have with my bro is all I can think of today. My brothers don’t have the same blood as me and I just lost another one. This one crushed me. RIP Roddy “Raw Dawg” Lunceford give Jacky a hug for me and dap up the rest of the bros.”

The family will release Roddy Lunceford’s obituary and funeral arrangements at a later date.

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