RIP Perla: Jermard J. Lewis charged for murder in stabbing death of dedicated Waynedale Kroger cashier

RIP Perla: Jermard J. Lewis charged for murder in stabbing death of dedicated Waynedale Kroger cashier

Perla Deadly Stabbing Investigations – Fort Wayne Police is investigating the deadly stabbing of a Kroger supermarket cashier Thursday morning. Described as a dedicated, hardworking, and loving worker “Perla” was a beautiful woman with a good heart, a customer said. 30-year-old Jermard J. Lewis has been charged with murder in the fatal incident.

According to reports, Perla passed away after she was attacked and stabbed multiple times by Jermard J. Lewis. The incident happened at the Waynedale Kroger supermarket around 10:30 a.m. According to police, they were summoned to the Waynedale Kroger about 10:30 a.m. on Thursday after a man threatened employees. According to police, the man left the business and subsequently returned, fatally stabbing a cashier before fleeing.

The woman was transferred to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead. Later that afternoon, during the search for the culprit, police were called to a home on Bowser Avenue near Oxford Street. Jermard was arrested on suspicion of murder, according to police.

According to police, there was a commotion at the business about 10:30 a.m., during which the suspect threatened employees. The man then allegedly left the store, and police were ignored, but he later returned and stabbed the cashier before fleeing. Kroger personnel assisted the woman, who was brought to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead. Officers believe the victim and suspect had no personal relationship.

At this point, authorities say they are still looking for the man. When asked for a description of the culprit, police said there are conflicting accounts and that they are seeking to confirm more information. Police said they are following up on every lead and that the crime appears to be targeted, with no ongoing threat to the public.

Kroger store is closed “The Kroger family is saddened by the terrible news we’re hearing. The safety of our associates and customers is always our priority. Right now, our team is working with the police to assist with the investigation in any way we can. We’ll add further comment as we learn more about the incident. The store will be closed until further notice.”

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