Rick Dickert KTTV FOX 11 Los Angeles meteorologist attempts death by suicide following issues with partner Stephanie Landis Purcell

Fans sends prayers to certified broadcast meteorologist Rick Dickert after suicide atempt: Learn about what happened to Rick Dickert

Rick Dickert KTTV FOX 11 Suicide Investigations – Prayers are being sent to the family and friends of famous Los Angeles meteorologist and broadcaster who attempted death by apparent suicide today. Rick Dickert, of KTTV FOX 11 Los Angeles attempted to take own life Saturday following growing issues with partner Stephanie Landis.

According to Rick Dickert’s family member, the certified broadcaster has now been transferred to a hospital where he will be getting all the necessary help. ” Suicide is not the way Rick Dickert, please choose life,” a concerned fan wrote. Rick Dickert who left a suicide note on his official Facebook page tagged to day his would be “Death Day.”

Rick Dickert
Rick Dickert

According to claims, the relationship between the meteorologist and and his longtime partner Stephanie Landis has been having some turbulent experiences for some period of time. The issues which none of them has spoken publicly about has since brought a great unity among the two lover birds. Rick went on to say in his note the “Stephanie Landis Purcell destroyed me.” Thanks to notable family members and friend, Rick was quickly located and is now getting all the help he needs.

Denise Christensen wrote; “Rick is being helped right now. Please keep this great man in your prayers. We love you Rick.”

Who Is Rick Dickert?

Rick Dickert established a notable presence at KTTV FOX 11 Los Angeles in October 1990, establishing himself as the preeminent authority on weather updates for the greater Los Angeles area. His extensive knowledge and authoritative demeanor have solidified his status as a highly regarded specialist in the domain. Rick, apart from his responsibilities as a weather forecaster, has significantly contributed to the FOX Morning News and Good Day L.A. segments by providing real-time updates from the SkyFOX helicopter.

Nevertheless, Rick’s achievements transcend his professional pursuits by a significant margin. Moreover, he maintains a fulfilling personal life. Rick is happily married to Stephanie Rae, although comprehensive information regarding her is not widely known. Their rapport is evident, emanating an atmosphere of reciprocal esteem and steadfast fondness. Their unwavering affection stands as a testament to the lasting strength of authentic love, which is capable of withstanding the test of time.

Rick exhibits profound pride in the fact that his former spouse, Raquel Dickert, is the parent of his two daughters, Allyssa and Ambre Dickert. Despite the potential obstacles that may arise in blended families, the Dickerts have exemplified how love and compassion can seamlessly integrate into any familial circumstance.

Rick, a public figure, emphasizes the significance of his privacy and intentionally withholds particulars regarding his matrimonial union, among other personal matters. This regard for individual boundaries is highly praiseworthy, especially in a society that frequently tends towards intrusiveness. However, what is indisputable is the strong bond that Rick and Stephanie possess, a connection that has proven to be resilient throughout the years. They consistently provide steadfast encouragement and support to one another, notwithstanding the scrutiny of the general public.

Rick Dickert transcends his status as a mere television personality, embodying qualities of immense profundity, resolute dedication, and inexhaustible ardor. The individual’s life is emblematic of its many facets, as evidenced by his meteorological prowess, fidelity as a spouse, and steadfast dedication to paternal care. Rick’s meteorological updates and critical news broadcasts consistently demonstrate his exceptional ability and leave a lasting impression on the viewers of KTTV FOX 11 Los Angeles.

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