Pope The Barber Died, TikTok Star Adonis Beck has passed away - What Happened

Pope The Barber Died, TikTok Star Adonis Beck has passed away – What Happened?

Pope The Barber Death – Famous TikToker and Influencer has tragically passed away. Born Brittany Pope and famously known by her TikTok handle “Pope The Barber” was found dead inside a tent in San Diego Thursday morning. According to reports, the Los Angeles, California-born star was popularly known for the silent and romantic videos she and her now ex-girlfriend usually create and upload on her social media platforms.

What Happened To Adonis Beck?

According to reports, Adonis Beck otherwise known as Pope The Barber was located lifeless inside a tent in San Diego, CA on Thursday morning. She was pronounced dead at the scene of the incident. An autopsy is reportedly on the way. According to claims, the TikToker separated from her girlfriend Lisa @Lkbphotography earlier this year.

She had reportedly battled anxieties and depression since the separation. Fans fear Pope The Barber may have committed suicide from overdosing following the traumatic separation. Adonis Beck’s real name is Brittany Pope

RIP Pope the Barber(Adonis Beck) who sadly passed away. Pope was a talented barber and ex of Lisa @Lkbphotography Thoughts are with everyone who’s lives were touched by Pope

Brittany Pope Obituary and Funeral Arrangements will be Released by the Family

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