What Happened on the Pattullo Bridge Today

Pattullo Bridge Suicide Attempt on September 19, What Happened on Pattullo Bridge Today?

What Happened on the Pattullo Bridge Today? On September 19, 2023, a tragic incident took place, which prompted the authorities to launch an investigation as quickly as possible and to look into the matter in great detail. An unidentified person was reportedly witnessed attempting to jump from the Pattullo Bridge earlier today, according to reports from the scene.

As a prompt response to this worrying circumstance, the authorities in charge took immediate action by temporarily shutting down the bridge and ordering all traffic to proceed in the opposite direction.

It is of the utmost importance to ensure the health and safety of everyone who was engaged in this tragedy, and the relevant authorities are working hard to gain a better understanding of the events that transpired and to provide the appropriate support and assistance. As soon as more information becomes available, more updates on this rapidly changing situation will be released here.

The Pattullo Bridge is a through arch bridge that crosses the Fraser River and links the cities of New Westminster and Surrey in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia. It was named in honor of Thomas Dufferin Pattullo, the 22nd Premier of British Columbia.

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Surrey police are seeking assistance in identifying a man presumed to have fallen from the Pattullo Bridge last month. Although the body hasn’t been recovered, authorities believe he is deceased. Officers, in collaboration with a forensic artist, have released a sketch of the man, described as Filipino, aged between 40 and 50, with a medium-to-heavy build and thinning hair. Despite no matching missing persons investigations, police hope someone may recognize him.

The Independent Investigations Office is reviewing the incident, initiated when officers responded to a concerned bystander’s report of a male pedestrian near the bridge railing on May 15. While engaging with the man, he reportedly fell from the bridge. The IIO investigates such incidents involving police encounters, irrespective of allegations. Individuals with information on the man’s identity are urged to contact Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502.

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