Victor Lamont Greer

Murder; Victor Lamont Greer stabbed & killed in Wichita Falls, TX, 2002

Victor Lamont Greer Death – On July 27, 2002, Victor Greer was stabbed by Leetta Wiley Smith with a kitchen knife in the apartment where they both resided in Wichita Falls, Texas. Greer was transported to the emergency room; however, by the time the attending physician, Leo Mercer, M.D., arrived at the hospital, Greer had lost all of his vital signs.

Due to the fact that Greer’s heart was already surrounded by blood, Dr. Mercer attempted to perform an emergency thoracotomy on him; however, this prevented his heart from being able to pump blood, which ultimately led to Greer death. The results of the autopsy revealed that Greer had sustained two stab wounds as a consequence of the incident. The fatal wound pierced the chest cavity by four and a half inches and punctured the aorta.

Following the occurrence, Smith left the apartment, but she subsequently came back to the location, where she informed Officer Jonathan Lindsay, “I am the person you are looking for.” Following her conversation with the cops who were present at the scene of the crime, Smith consented to further disclose the events that had transpired between her and Greer with the authorities. The next step was for Officer LeeAnn Haldane to transport Smith to the police station, where she conducted an interview with Smith regarding the incident.

Smith stated in an interview that she and Greer had a disagreement that evening regarding another man who worked with Smith. According to Smith, Greer made the assertion that he was going to get her back for stabbing him in the arm just a few days earlier during the dispute. Smith also stated that Greer made this claim. According to Smith, Greer struck her in the chest, brought a knife that was in Smith’s room, and threatened Smith with the knife. Smith stated that Greer did all of these things. After that, Smith and Greer started tussle with each other over the knife.

According to Smith, she kicked Greer during the “tussle,” and then she “hit” him the last time they were together. Greer was knocked to the ground after Smith “hit” him, and Smith made an attempt to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him before he fled the flat. Throughout the entirety of the interview, Smith reiterated this broad sequence of events, but with some slight deviations throughout. On many occasions, Smith stated that she was acting in self-defense and that she was not attempting to murder Greer while she was acting in this manner.

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