Missing Omega Nankhuni of South Bend, IN, found dead after suicide

She died after allegedly defrauding fellow Malawians. Learn more about Omega Nankhuni Obituary and funeral plans...

Omega Nankhuni Death – Omega Nankhuni has passed away. According to reports, she committed suicide because she was unable to withstand the pressure from those to whom she owed money. It is believed that she solicited over 200 million Malawi Kwacha from multiple individuals. According to reports, Nankhuni went missing in South Bend, Indiana, after allegedly defrauding fellow Malawians out of over K200 million.

Nonetheless, a number of Malawians have taken to social media to lament that Nankhuni borrowed money from them, and they are having difficulty recovering their funds. A woman is heard on an audio clip that is being shared on social media claiming that she was conned out of $5,000 USD by Nankhuni.

The woman said that she had $5,000 in US dollars and that she required the money to be transferred to her Malawian account in the country’s currency before she could fly to Malawi from the United States. She was contacted by Nankhuni, who demanded the money, just a few minutes before the time when she was scheduled to board the airline.

The woman claimed that she was aware of Nankhuni’s reputation as a con artist, which is why she insisted that Nankhuni conduct the initial business transaction. After that, Nankhuni provided the woman with evidence that she had sent K8.5 million to her account by way of an electronic payment slip. In response, the woman wired $5 000 United States Dollars to Nankhuni.

As soon as she arrived in Ethiopia, she requested that her nephew check the Malawi account to see whether any money had been received. nonetheless, the nephew reported back that it seemed as though the account got K8.5 million; nonetheless, the money was withdrawn from the account a few minutes later.

The woman has a sneaking suspicion that some bank employees are complicit in the criminal enterprise run by Nankhuni, which is geared at defrauding Malawians under the guise of assisting them in transferring their money. She further disclosed that Nankhuni obtained loans of US$25,000 (more than K36 million) and US$40,000 (more than K41 million) from other Malawians living in the United States.

Influencer on many social media platforms Dorothy Shonga is also among the victims. She claims that Nankhuni stole K24 million from her and is now refusing to pay the money back to her. She made this revelation.

Omega Nankhuni Obituary and funeral plans will be released by the family…

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