Mike Schuster NPR award-winning journalist died on Nov. 6

Shuster passed away due to Parkinson's disease-related complications. Learn more about Mike Schuster Obituary and funeral plans...

Mike Shuster Death – Mike Shuster, a National Public Radio award-winning international and diplomatic journalist, died on Monday, November 6. His career as a writer and editor took him all around the world and allowed him to see some of the most significant events in contemporary history.

According to his family, Shuster passed away at his home in Southern California due to Parkinson’s disease-related complications. His age was 76. He began his lengthy career in the early 1970s in Africa, where he covered the Angolan civil war for five months and traveled extensively throughout the region while working for Liberation News Service. Shuster had a successful career that spanned several decades.

He started working for NPR in 1980 and has filed more than 3,000 stories since then. His coverage has included the Gulf wars, conflicts in Israel and Palestine, the civil war in Bosnia and the war in Kosovo, as well as the fall of the Soviet Union.

As a senior diplomatic journalist, Shuster covered topics like as the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, as well as terrorism and the Pacific Rim. After 2004, he made at least seven trips to Iran, where he was one of the few American correspondents to stay for extended periods of time. This made him a notable figure in the country.

In New York, Shuster began his professional life working for NPR. In a now-famous instance, his reporting on the trial of legendary gangster John Gotti led to a landmark court ruling that relaxed the FCC rule on the broadcast of expletives. This happened as a result of Shuster’s insistence that listeners needed to hear Gotti’s rants that were recorded in an FBI wiretap.

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