Mike Scholting Louisville NE Accident

Mike Scholting Louisville NE allegedly died in an accident

Mike Scholting Accident – Online rumors are circulating about an unconfirmed accident involving Mike Scholting, a longtime Louisville, Nebraska resident. According to preliminary information, Mike Scholting may have died as a result of injuries sustained in a reported accident.

It is critical to emphasize that these reports have not yet been verified. Neither the police nor the family have issued official statements about the accident’s veracity. While we have yet to confirm Mike Scholting’s death, several news outlets reported a fatal accident in Louisville, Nebraska early this month.

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While the Mike Scholting accident is the most recent in Louisville, NE, Southeast Bullitt County Fire Department Chief Erik Butler also reported that one person was taken to the University of Louisville Hospital on Monday afternoon after an Amazon delivery van was struck by a train.

The accident happened in the Bardstown Junction area south of Shepherdsville on Preston Highway near Beech Grove Road. 911 reportedly received a call at approximately 4:37 p.m. following the occurrence of the crash. There was no injured as reported by the Southeast Bullitt County Fire Department Chief Erik Butler.

Rail traffic is moving again in Bullitt County.

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