Middletown High School Lockdown Today: 2 injured after student brought knife at Monhagen

Middletown High School Lockdown Today: 2 student injured after stabbing at Monhagen

Middletown High School Lockdown Today – Several reports are currently circulating regarding an incident earlier this morning at Monhagen Middle School in Middletown, New York that has caused the school to go into lockdown. An official statement from the Town of Wallkill Police Department was issued shortly before 9am on Wednesday December 13th, 2023. According to sources, a student brought a knife to school which led to a stabbing. Two student are reportedly injured and in hospital.

The school is advising parents and guardians not to report at this time. They will not be allowed to visit the campus until after bus dismissal, which is set to start at 9:45 a.m. When bus dismissal is over, kids who choose not to ride the bus will be picked up by their parents or guardians. The school declared that until the buses are released from the MMS campus, all roads leading to the school will be closed.

Wallkill Police Department in a statement said “Our Police Department is currently on scene of an incident at Monhagen Middle School on County Route 78. The building is currently is secure and multiple law scene. We ask the parents not to respond to the school. We will be providing more information in approximately one hour.”

A concerned person took to social media and shared that someone brought a knife to school this morning and two kids are in hospital as a result of injuries. “So Monhagen middle school Middletown someone brought a knife to school this morning 2 kids in hospital from injuries middle school I would of thought high school but this is middle school smh schools is no longer safe the youth just don’t care and God forbid somebody play that with mines we going to jail jail smfh hope the kids ok

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