Marc Forschino

Marc Forschino East Hartford, CT, has died, loved ones mourns

Marc Forschino Death – Marc Forschino of East Hartford, Connecticut, has passed away leaving family and friends. He was described as selfless, funny, and goofy, and absolutely out of his mind. He was the person you were happiest to see show up. He was magnetic. But above all he was loving.

Forschino was an Independent Business Owner at Capitol Bail Bonds LLC, he went to Manchester High School. A cause of death was not released and the circumstances surrounding his passing are also unknown. Loved ones have taken to different social media platforms to share tributes and condolences. Annaliese H wrote;

In the almost 20 years I’ve known Marc Forschino , he saved my ass many times. If you had a problem, and I don’t mean a flat tire on the side of the road – although he would have helped with that, too – I mean the big problems, the kind of problems that would derail your entire life, Marc would find a way to help. I’m sure a lot of people know this, because I know many others have been on the receiving end of his ass-saving at one point or another.

I think we can agree that the world will be a much duller place without him in it. A lot of people have good friends, but most people don’t get to have a Marc in their lives and I’m so very lucky that I did. Honestly he was so good we probably didn’t deserve him, but man will I miss him.

Marc Forschino Obituary and funeral plans will be released by the family at a later date.

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