Lowell Weicker, Former CT Governor, U.S. GOP Senator died at age 92

Lowell Weicker Death – Lowell P. Weicker Jr. who was CT governor passed away on June 28, 2023. He died at age 92 at a hospital in Middletown, Connecticut. Lowell P. Weicker Jr. served as one of the boldest Republican adversaries of President Richard M. Nixon during the Watergate affair. He was a three-term senator from Connecticut who became one of President Richard M. Nixon’s boldest Republican adversaries during the Watergate affair and who engineered dramatic increases in medical research funding despite President Ronald Reagan’s efforts to cut domestic spending, passed away.

Who was Lowell Weicker?

Lowell Weicker’s family was connected to the fortune of the E.R. Squibb pharmaceutical company, had his education at prestigious prep schools and universities. But he was a self-described “maverick” in politics, which is a career that is frequently driven by polls; he also gave this title to his memoir. His acidic tongue and bearlike physique contributed to his intimidating presence.

Weicker spent the majority of his career as a moderate Republican; nonetheless, he was unable to maintain the support of his party amid its shift to the right during Reagan’s presidency. In 1988, a Democratic challenger named Joseph I. Lieberman, who had been serving as attorney general of Connecticut at the time, was successful in unseating him. In a political career spanning more than three decades, Mr. Weicker suffered his first and only election loss in this particular race.

He eventually became the Governor of Connecticut in 1990 after winning the election as an independent candidate. Unbelievably, he was successful in overcoming the typical aversion of Connecticut residents to having an income tax as part of his plan to bring the state’s financial problems under control. The magazine Time referred to him as “the most courageous governor in America.”

n recognition of his efforts to alter the tax policies of his state in the face of intense opposition, the John F. Kennedy Foundation bestowed upon him the Profile in Courage award in the year 1992. However, he earned the ire of tens of thousands of locals who believed that he had violated a campaign commitment to refrain from instituting an income tax during his time in office.

Lowell Weicker obituary and funeral arrangements will be released by family members

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