Liddell Newsham Baton Rouge LA, Trilogy Band – Louisiana Keyboard Player has died

Liddell Newsham Death – Trilogy Band – Louisiana Keyboard Player Liddell Newsham of Baton Rouge has died. He passed away leaving family, friends and colleagues in shock. He was confirmed dead through a publication made on Thursday 11th January 2024 that says “Not sure how to even type this….but Liddell Newsham, Trilogy’s long time keyboard player passed away last night in his sleep”. The actual cause of what led to Liddell Newsham’s death has not been known.

Liddell Newsham Education

Liddell Newsham was a longtime resident of Baton Rouge. He graduated from Robert E. Lee High School and proceeded to study at Louisiana State University where he finished 1977. Beyond the notes on the staff, his commitment to his profession permeates his entire personality. Not only does Liddell possess exceptional technical skills, but his relentless pursuit of craft perfection truly distinguishes him. He gives 110% to every practice and performance, seeing every note as a chance to improve.

His impressive work ethic and dogged pursuit of musical greatness are regularly praised by his instructors and colleagues. Legend has it that Liddell Newsham would spend hours upon hours honing his skills, trying out new sounds, and exploring the limits of what the piano can produce. His commitment goes beyond the norm; he is always looking for new ways to challenge himself musically.

Who was Liddell Newsham?

His versatility as a keyboardist was  one of the things that makes Liddell stand out. He certainly excels in classical music, but he also plays jazz, rock, electronic, and experimental pieces. He has become a musician that defies classification as a result of his varied influences, and his commitment to experimenting with different styles has enhanced his creative expression. Thanks to his unwavering commitment to his craft, Liddell Newsham has become an in-demand collaborator in addition to shaping his solo career.

His versatility and profound appreciation for the collaborative aspect of music are on full display in his effortless incorporation into various ensembles. He finds great joy in stimulating thought, exploring new territory, and composing original musical compositions. He was so down to earth and was loved by anyone that crossed path with him.

Liddell Newsham’s obituary will be released by the family

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