Liberty Bridge accident

Liberty Bridge accident today; people pinned multiple vehicle crash

UPDATE: A collision that included nine automobiles occurred on Thursday night, which resulted in the closure of the Liberty Tunnel for a number of hours. After the collision that occurred close to P.J. McArdle Roadway, Pittsburgh Public Safety stated that six individuals had to be extracted from their vehicles and transported to the hospital. One of the individuals was in critical condition, while the other five were in stable condition.

During this time, motorists who were stranded in the tunnel were held up for more than two hours. Initially, Leon Harrison reported that there was neither radio nor mobile service available; but, after around one hour, he was able to livestream his experience.

Harrison stated that he appeared to be halted close to the center of the tunnel, which is more than a mile in length.

According to Harrison, additional drivers started walking toward the end of the tunnel’s inbound side in order to find out what had occurred. The traffic that was traveling to the Steelers game had to be redirected around it while everything was going on.

Over the course of more than two hours, the drivers who were inside were finally able to complete a three-point turn and drive out of the building. Significant damage was done to each of the nine vehicles that were involved. In order to gain a better understanding of the circumstances surrounding the collision, investigators remained at the scene for a number of hours.

It has been determined that all of the vehicles that were trapped inside the tunnel have been removed from both sides. Just before 9 o’clock in the evening, Public Safety issued a statement stating that the inquiry is still ongoing. The tunnel was once again accessible on both sides shortly after 10 o’clock at night.


Liberty Bridge Accident – An accident has been reported n the Liberty Bridge and PJ McConel way involving multiple vehicles. The Liberty Bridge traffic is at gridlock inbound and outbound, lanes to the tunnels are shut off and there are people pin in the cars, some are believed to be people unconscious, cars on the side.

Reports also have it that Engine 27 on scene with 9-10 vehicle accident in the area. Outbound Liberty Tunnel being closed by the PennDot tunnel crew.

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