Lexi Mestas died from ovarian cancer, STAAR foundation mourn her death

Lexi Mestas Death – Lexi Mestas was passionate about STAAR Ovarian Cancer foundation before she passed away on June 12, 2023. Since she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Lexi has fought valiantly against the disease and has worked tirelessly to raise money for the STAAR Ovarian Cancer Foundation. This organization supports research that can save the lives of people who have low-grade serous ovarian cancer. The family members of Lexi Mestas and the STAAR Ovarian Cancer foundation mourn her death.

About STAAR Ovarian Cancer foundation

STAAR was established to provide funding for research that could save the lives of women (like Lexi) who have low-grade serous ovarian cancer, a subtype of the disease that is uncommon and receives very little research funding. The proportion of younger women who are diagnosed with low-grade serous ovarian cancer is disproportionately high. This subtype of ovarian cancer accounts for fewer than 8% of all cases. Additionally, due to the rarity of the illness, funding for research must come primarily from private donations.

If you do more research, you will have more time to go on adventures, take more vacations, and create more memories. STAAR will fund research in the hopes of improving outcomes for women diagnosed with LGSOC. The Low-grade Serous Ovarian Carcinoma Community is supported 100% by STAAR by providing materials and a place to engage with one another. Because it is administered by volunteers, a greater proportion of each money contributes directly to the cause.

STAAR is the only foundation in the United States that is dedicated to sponsoring research into low-grade serous ovarian cancer. Early in the year 2020, STAAR was co-founded by three women who were diagnosed with low-grade serous ovarian cancer.

What is ovarian cancer?

Ovarian cancer is the second most deadly kind of gynecological cancer after cervical cancer. The World Health Organization (WHO) divides ovarian cancer into three categories: epithelial, non-epithelial (germ cell and sex cord-stromal cell), and metastatic. Epithelial ovarian cancer is the most common type. Non-epithelial ovarian cancer includes germ cell and sex cord-stromal cell ovarian cancer. Serous ovarian cancer is the most prevalent histotype, and within this category, it can be further split into high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma (HGSOC) and low-grade serous ovarian carcinoma (LGSOC).

Lexi Mestas obituary and funeral arrangements will be released by family members

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