Levi Erickson death

Levi Erickson Iowa, Hagie Manufacturing Company Field Service Technician has died

Levi Erickson Death – Hagie Manufacturing Company Field Service Technician Levi Erickson of Iowa has sadly passed away. He died on Monday 11th December 2023 leaving those that knew him devastated. He was confirmed dead through a post made on Facebook that says “I will love you forever big bubba. Not a day will go on that I will ever forget about you or everything you taught me too do and all the memories that I will forever cherish of us” The actual cause of Levi Erickson’s death has not been revealed.

Who was Levi Erickson?

Levi Erickson worked at Hagie Manufacturing Company as a Field Service Technician. In addition to being a beloved brother and father, Levi Erickson exemplifies the essence of a down-to-earth attitude, which has won him the affection of all who have had the good fortune to know him. In the beginning of Levi’s journey through life, he was raised in a small town, where he was taught the importance of honesty, kindness, and hard work by his family, which was very close to him.

He never lost his sense of humility, and he never forgot the lessons that he learned from his humble origins, regardless of the accomplishments that came his way. The part of brother was one of the most cherished roles that Levi has ever played. A number of people who have had the honor of being his sibling have referred to him as a rock of stability and a consistent source of support.

What you need to know about Levi Erickson

The low-key manner in which he conducts himself makes him approachable, thereby establishing a secure environment in which his siblings can confide in him without the fear of being judged. A sense of camaraderie that was truly uplifting has been created as a result of Levi’s capacity to listen and provide direction, which has reinforced the links that bind the family together. Regarding his role as a parent, Levi displays the traits of patience, understanding, and love that was not conditional.

He provides his children with a supportive environment in which they are encouraged to chase their aspirations and accept their individuality. His children are the benefits of this wonderful environment. He was a man of principles and was loved by many.

Levi Erickson’s obituary will be released by the family

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