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Lars Ulrich dad, Torben Ulrich has died at age 95

Torben Ulrich Death – Torben Ulrich, who was the father of Lars Ulrich, the drummer for Metallica has passed away at age 95. Lars shared the news on various social media platforms today, which is the 21st of December. At the time of publication, there was no information available regarding the cause of death.

In addition to being a painter, Torben Ulrich was a professional tennis player, filmmaker, musician, poet, and journalist for radio and newspapers. He was born in Denmark on October 4, 1928. The CD titled “Oakland moments: cello, voice, reuniting (rejoicing)” was issued by him in 2021, when he was 92 years old. It was also a collaboration with the musician and composer Lori Goldston.

There were two times that Torben triumphed over Jacques Brichant in the final of the Antwerp International singles tournament. The first time was in 1951, and the second time was in 1956. It was on red clay that he triumphed at the Stuttgart Open tournament in 1953. In the beginning of 1969, when he was forty years old, he signed a contract with the promoters of the World Championship Tennis.

This marked the beginning of his career as a professional tennis player. He was the senior player with the highest ranking in the world in the year 1976. In the Davis Cup, Ulrich competed for Denmark in well than one hundred matches. At the age of forty-nine, he became the oldest Davis Cup player in the history of the tournament in 1977.

There were two films directed by Jørgen Leth in which Ulrich made an appearance: Motion Picture (1969) and Moments of Play (1986). In the film “The Ball and the Wall” (1988), he also appeared as a co-director alongside Gil de Kermadec. In the film “Body & Being: Before the Wall” (2002), he also appeared as a co-director alongside Rick New and Molly Martin.

In 2011, Ulrich began the process of developing the dance project “Cacophony for 8 Players” in collaboration with Beth Graczyk, a choreographer and dancer, and Angelina Baldoz, a composer and musician. [9] The piece was presented for the first time in Seattle in 2014. Within the work, Ulrich served as both the director and a performer.

Torben Ulrich Obituary and funeral plans will be released by the family at a later date…

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