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Kori Wilkerson West Haven, CT Nurse injured in a car accident on Jan. 8 | GoFundMe

Kori Wilkerson Car Accident – Kori Wilkerson of West Haven, Connecticut, was involved in a motor vehicle accident on Monday, January 8th, 2024 . According to reports, the collision that took place on Interstate 91 south between exits 9 and 8 included four vehicles. Kori, who was working as a nurse at the Department of Corrections in Cheshire, Connecticut, was attempting to assist other individuals who were involved in the accident when she was struck by a fourth vehicle, which resulted in her suffering severely severe injuries.

Kori was transported to the Yale New Haven Hospital in New Haven, CT. She sustained numerous fractures within her facial structure and her jaw as well as internal and external injuries which include 3 Hemorrhages around her brain, multiple lacerations, road rashes and diffuse axonal injury (DAI) from the accident.

Kori Wilkerson GoFundMe

A GoFundMe page has been created by Jason Wilkerson to help raise that will be used to cover her medical bills during her time at Yale New Haven Hospital, future medications, rehab, and other incurred cost. According to the page; she has been put into a coma that was induced by medical professionals, and she has been given a neck brace to assist with the earliest stages of her recovery. There are neurological examinations that Kori is still having, but she has demonstrated signs of improvement. She will be required to undergo facial reconstruction surgery in the coming days in order to assist in the repair of the fractures that are present on her face and jaw.

Kori who is 29 years old and enjoys nothing more than participating in activities that allow her to spend time with her friends and family, spending time with her lovely dog Mya, going to music festivals, and pursuing a job as a nurse. Kori’s journey toward healing has only just started.

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