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Kenny DeForest Brooklyn, NY, Comedian died from bicycle accident injuries – GoFundMe

Kenny DeForest Death – Kenny DeForest has passed away, he was pronounced dead by the medical personnel at the hospital. According to Cole Michael Porter, Kenny DeForest was the kind of person this world needed more of, not less. He was a man that was on an honest search for self discovery – he had the willingness and reflective awareness to look inward and wrestle with the hard stuff. The kind of stuff that we all face, but that most people won’t even acknowledge exists. Not only that, he had the courage to talk about it on stage – to share it and laugh about it with others so they could both heal and grow. He had a way of making you look at yourself and chuckle at your own absurdities. And he was just nicest guy on top of it all. Always friendly and positive to be around. 

Kenny DeForest Car Accident – Kenny DeForest, Comedian from Brooklyn, New York, was struck by a motor vehicle while riding a bike on Friday December 8, 2023. He was transported to the hospital by the authorities. According to his loved ones, Kenny had undergone neurological surgery to remove a piece of his skull and relieve pressure from a brain bleed at Kings County Hospital.

Kenny DeForest GoFundMe

Ryan Beck created a fundraiser via GoFundMe on behalf of Roger DeForest. According to Ryan Beck on the page, The nurses and doctors have all remarked on how strong Kenny is, and they have also mentioned that although it is going to be a very long recovery, he is getting better every day. He is now in stable condition and is deeply sedated (at the time that this is being written). His medical staff is outstanding and responsive, and they are all very invested in his rehabilitation. He is in capable hands.

Loved ones are urged to consider donating as funds will be used to help with Kenny’s medical bills and recovery. All the money will go directly to Kenny’s family who are managing his care. And follow him on Instagram because it’ll be kind of fun when he wakes up to being internet famous.

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