Keeno Green Bridgeport CT, Central High School Alumnus died after battling depression

What happened to Keeno Green? Learn more about Keeno Green's death and obituary

Keeno Green Death – Central High School Alumnus Keeno Green of Bridgeport, Connecticut  has sadly passed away. He died leaving those that knew him devastated. He was confirmed dead through a post that says “to know a friend was fighting depression like me hurts. I have friends call me when my wife and I lost our son almost every week to make sure we’re okay and feel ok.. I’ve been vocal about my mental illness and to finally feel better almost a year later and see my homie Keeno Green gone fighting that demon hurts”.

Keeno Green Education

Keeno Green graduated from Central High School. He possesses an irresistible charisma that has the ability to enthrall everybody who comes into contact with him. Because of his affable nature and charming smile, he was almost immediately a crowd favorite in social situations. Green was well-known for his excellent conversational skills, and he was able to engage in debates ranging from the most recent scientific advancements to the complexities of abstract art. He does this with ease, bridging gaps between subjects that at first glance appear to be unrelated.

His charisma was not restricted to merely superficial contacts; rather, he possesses the unusual capacity to make each individual feel valued and heard, thereby leaving a lasting effect on their thoughts. His charisma was not limited to merely superficial encounters. He emanates an inventive energy in all that he does.

Who was Keeno Green?

The adventurous spirit that Green possesses was possibly the quality that best exemplifies his zeal for life. He was not the type of person who will shy away from the opportunity to discover new horizons, whether that means going on an impromptu road trip to a remote location or completely submerging himself in the culture of another country. Because of this particular quality, he was able to contribute novel viewpoints and ideas to any activity that requires collaboration, making him an extremely useful asset in such endeavors.

Keeno Green was a shining example of the value that may be derived from fully appreciating the many facets that make up an individual’s personality in a culture that so frequently promotes conformity. He was a formidable opponent who was leaving an indelible impression on the world around him.

Keeno Green’s obituary will be released by the family

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