Kalvin Giordano

Kalvin Giordano Clarksville, TN, Death, Fat Shack GM has died

Kalvin Giordano Death – Kalvin Giordano of Clarksville, Tennessee, has passed away, leaving his family and loved ones. He was the General Manager at Fat Shack, Inc. The circumstances of Kalvin Giordano’s passing, including the specific cause of his death, are not indicated in the information that has been provided at the time of this publishing; hence, the specific are unknown.

According to Guy William Stanford Jr wrote in a tribute shared on social media; I know death is a part of life but I just can’t accept this. This man loves his daughters so much. When we were opening Fat Shack, he always had them there hanging out with us. I find comfort in knowing that he knew that I cared deeply about him, that’s about the only thing helping me. We used to hoop then go gamble on 2k during our teenage years. No matter how many times he lost, he would use the Knicks every single time! Lol
My heart is just broken for his girls and his family. Damn brother .. this is a different feeling. Kalvin Giordano

Kalvin Giordano Obituary and funeral plans will be released by the family at a later date.

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