Julia Hall Baltimore MD, Facilitator at Baltimore Improv Group has died

Julia Hall Baltimore MD, Facilitator at Baltimore Improv Group has died

Julia Hall Death – Julia Hall and a Facilitator at Baltimore Improv Group (BIG) passed away on Thursday, January 11th, 2023. She was 41 years old at the time of her death. She was announced dead by her sister through a social media publication that read “Today we lost the best person I know. If you know me then you know that words cannot express the devastation I feel at having lost my big sister, Julia. I’m not even sure how to write this post.”

Who was Julia Hall?

Julia Hall was a native of Peru, Maine, and a Facilitator at Baltimore Improv Group (BIG) in Baltimore, Maryland. She was loved and cherished by her sister Rachael Hall of Lisbon, Maine and her brother Lenny Hall of Mexico, Maine. Julia has been obsessed with improv since her first BIG 101 class in the summer of 2011. She performs regularly with troupes Plan B, Local Spot, and Ghost Party. As a facilitator, she loves introducing improv and sharing her passion for it with new performers.

Julia was the type of performer you’d always feel safe with on stage. You always knew she had your back. She performed with such incredible support, kindness and humility that belied the most clever, creative choices. Through her performances, she embodied what improv could and should be. She was someone everyone looked up to and she was always down to chat about improv and offer advice and encouragement.

Tribute to Julia Hall

Baltimore Improv Group in a statement on Facebook said “On January 11, we lost our beloved friend Julia Hall. Julia was a staple of the BIG community for years. Her talent and commitment to the art of improv could be seen on the BIG stage with teams such as Plan B, Local Spot, Ghost Party, and Snake Oil. She was also a producer of a festival dedicated to women & non-binary performers called X-Fest.”

Baltimore Improv Group also added that “She was a performer, facilitator, coach, teammate, and friend to many, but above all, she was a daughter, sister, and beloved aunt. Her absence will leave a hole in our community. “I got your back” is not just relegated to the stage. We lift up her partner, parents, family, and friends during this time.”

Julia Hall’s obituary and funeral arrangements will be released by the family at a later date.

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