Judy Campisi Death: American Biochemist and Cell Biologist has died from breast cancer; Buck Institute for Research on Aging mourns Dr. Judith

Judith Campisi Death: The Buck Institute for Research on Aging community are mourning the death of Dr. Judith Campisi who passed away this weekend. Judy was a scientist with a difference. She was likened to a giant in her community. Dr. Judy died following a long battle with breast cancer.

Buck Institute for Research on Aging wrote: “The scientific community has lost a giant. Dr. Judith Campisi was an incredibly accomplished scientist that moved cancer research forward for humanity at The Buck Institute for Research on Aging. She was an even better, no-nonsense, and kind person. She took the time to pressure test a company I was working on while at Buck and supported me and the company at an early stage. Dr. Campisi and I worked on this video together for her lab focused on the impact of chemotherapy and senescent cells. She will never be forgotten. RIP Judy.”

Judy Campisi was a groundbreaking, fiercely devoted scientist, terrific teacher and mentor, awesome collaborator, and incredible friend, Judy was for many years the heart and soul of the Buck Institute. Her heart, her drive and her passion for science inspired us all. She will be greatly missed, a post on Campisi Lab reads.

Judy Campisi was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019. She underwent chemotherapy many years before her death. Judith Campisi was also a member of the SENS Research Foundation Advisory Board and an adviser at the Lifeboat Foundation.

Judith Campisi, PhD Obituary and Funeral Arrangements will be Released by the Family.

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