Josey High School Shooting: Heavy police at T. W. Josey H.S. in Augusta, GA

Richmond County Sheriff's Office in Augusta, Georgia are investigating reports of an intruder allegedly shooting at T. W. Josey High School campus Wednesday

FINAL UPDATE: The law enforcement officials of Richmond County are currently present at T.W. Josey High School, located on 15th Street in Augusta. They are accompanied by the police force of the Board of Education.
The streets were subject to closures, and it was observed that students resorted to scaling fences in order to depart the premises.

They were subsequently taken out in an organized manner, with certain individuals raising their hands. Several pupils who were present inside the educational institution reported an incident with gunfire occurring within the cafeteria area. Consequently, fellow students sought refuge in the toilet facilities. Coroner Mark Bowen stated that he had not received a request to attend the school. All individuals are currently confined within their respective classrooms, with the lights turned out, and law enforcement personnel stationed near each classroom.

The Richmond County Board of Education has issued a statement regarding the presence of deputies and investigators from the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office at Josey High School. This is in response to a reported incident of a shooting on the school’s premises. We kindly request that parents provide information regarding Josey’s football stadium in order to facilitate the reunification process with their respective pupils. The current inquiry is in progress and no additional information is currently accessible.

T. W. Josey High School Shooting Investigations – Richmond County Sheriff’s Office arisn the scene of investigation at T. W. Josey High School. According to reports, a person alleged that an intruder walked into the campus located at 1701 15th St, Augusta, GA, and fired at least two shots before fleeing.

Law enforcement agencies are now at the campus for active investigations. According to reports, the school campus has been placed on a hard lockdown as officers search the area for the supposed shooter. This is a developing story…

T. W. Josey High School – T. W. Josey Comprehensive High School is a publicly funded educational institution located in Augusta, Georgia, in the United States. The campus of Josey is situated in a southern direction, a few blocks away from the Medical District. The boundaries of the campus are delineated by 15th Street on the eastern side, Essie McIntyre St. on the northern side, and Eagles Way on the southern side.

Photo: The Jail Reports

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