John N Mugo Missing Update: Travel RN Nurse reportedly found dead

John N Mugo Missing Update: Travel RN Nurse reportedly found dead

John N Mugo Found – Kenyan travel nurse, John N Mugo who was reported missing on Sunday, December 24, 2023 has been found dead. Following the news of his disappearance, authorities sought for help from the public in finding him. In certain reports, John N Mugo was described as a 30 year-old US-based Kenyan Nurse from Atlanta, Georgia with a medium complexion, a height of 5’6, 155lbs weight, black hair and brown eyes.

While some reports say he was last spotted in New York on December 24, 2023, others confirmed he reportedly never arrived in New York City for his travel assignment and was last seen in Atlanta. His original intention, however, was to depart for Atlanta via flight on Christmas Eve; however, he reportedly did not return home as scheduled.

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Thursday evening, DeKalb County Police discovered the body of a woman inside a wooded area. An investigation is currently underway.

Authorities reported that at 6:40 p.m., they were dispatched to the 2900 block of Panthersville Court in Decatur. Upon arrival, they reported discovering the corpse of a woman in the forests. She was estimated by the police to be in her forties or fifties.

Despite the fact that the preliminary investigation conducted by murder investigators seems to indicate that the lady was attacked, the cause of death has not yet been established. According to the DeKalb Police Department, the investigation into the woman’s death is still underway, and further information will be made public at a later time.

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