John Latino Chicago IL, Co-owner of Bongo Room Restaurant has died

John Latino Chicago IL, Co-founder of Bongo Room Restaurant has died

John Latino Death – John Latino, a resident of Chicago, Illinois, and the co-founder of the Bongo Room Restaurant passed away unexpectedly. He was announced dead through a social media publication that read “John J Latino such a nice kind soul. You’ll be missed.” The circumstances surrounding John Latino’s cause of death were not made public by the family at the time of this report. He will be deeply missed by his family and friends.

Who was John Latino?

John Latino was a longtime resident of Chicago, Illinois, and the co-founder of the Bongo Room Restaurant. John always dreamed of becoming a chef. He was a graduate of Kendall College in Chicago. John met Derrick while working at The Pump Room and they became business partners and the rest is history. He enjoyed hanging out with his loved ones and friends and was always up for a good time.

He was a large, lovely, smart, humorous, and charming man who exuded beauty both inside and out. His vivacious demeanor illuminated a room, and he had the most gorgeous grin and compassionate heart. His hallmark was love without conditions. He will always be recognized for his unwavering work ethic, his incredible friendship with everyone on the planet, his spirit of adventure and pleasure, and for having lead a really remarkable life chock full of priceless moments and tales.

Tribute to John Latino

Ned Hirsch in shared the devastating news on social media as he shared some pictures of his friend with a statement that read “Some pictures of are friend John J Latino who we lost unexpectedly yesterday. I will miss our adventures, times together, laughs and especially those pancakes at Bongo Room.” Ned also added that, “Picturing you with a Makers looking down on all of us. Was looking forward to seeing you next month in Las Vegas. Love and miss you until we meet again.”

John Latino’s obituary and funeral arrangements will be released by the family at a later date.

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