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Joelle Williams Metuchen injured, Kylie dead in car accident Jan. 13

Kylie Williams Death | Joelle Williams Car Accident – Joelle Williams and her children Kylie and Lucas, were involved in a fatal multi-vehicle accident on Saturday January 13, afternoon. Kylie died at the scene of the accident while Joelle suffered extremely severe injuries. Lucas and Joelle’s passenger suffered minor injuries.

Kylie Williams GoFundMe

Alyson Byrne, who is employed at Lee Wetherington Homes, established a GoFundMe campaign in order to alleviate the anxiety that is associated with the financial troubles. Byrne claims that Jack Williams, who is the Vice President of Construction at LWH and has been in charge of Construction Operations for more than twenty years, is the father of Kyle Williams. Kyle Williams resides in New Jersey with his wife Joelle and their children, which include Jack’s grandchildren, Kylie, who is three years old, and Lucas, who is two years old.

As both teachers, Kyle and Joelle are a couple who put forth a lot of effort. Joelle was also expanding her own profitable children’s party planning business, while Kyle is a very successful youth competitive swim coach. In addition, Joelle was also growing her own business. They were living what should have been a typical Saturday evening when all of a sudden, their lives came crashing down around them.

In addition to expressing our deepest condolences, the members of Jack’s LWH family have been pondering ways to assist Kyle and Joelle in a manner that is more relevant to their situation. We know that as a result of Joelle’s significant injuries and the difficulties that they will have to deal with, such as the loss of income, the costs associated with the funeral of little Kylie, the medical bills, and the bills that were once considered to be regular monthly payments, such as the mortgage and car payments, things like these will suddenly become a source of concern for this young family.

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