Jim Vreeland Ford, Well-known Buellton car dealer died from cancer at age 65

Jim Vreeland Ford, Well-known Buellton car dealer died from cancer at age 65

Jim Vreeland Death – Well-known Buellton Car Dealer Jim Vreeland has sadly passed away. He died after a courageous  battle with cancer at age 65 surrounded by his beloved family. He was confirmed dead through a Facebook post that says “It is with extreme sadness that we share the passing of our brother, Jim Vreeland Jr. His courageous battle with cancer came to a peaceful end on Thursday, Dec 7th surrounded by his family”.

Who was Jim Vreeland?

The captivating charm that Jim Vreeland exudes was the foundation upon which his success was built. As soon as you make eye contact with him, you are surrounded by an atmosphere that exudes warmth and makes you feel comfortable. Jim’s ability to connect with individuals on a human level goes beyond the standard sales pitch that was used in the industry. Despite working in a field that was frequently associated with high-pressure methods, he stands out due to his genuine interest in customers and the requirements they have.

When it comes to autos, Jim’s enthusiasm was infectious. Not only was his considerable knowledge of a wide range of makes and models a product of the necessity of his work, but it is also the outcome of his real passion for automobiles. His enthusiasm for the world of automobiles was evident and contagious, and it flows through everything he does, whether he was talking about the most recent technological breakthroughs or reminiscing about classic models.

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What you need to know about Jim Vreeland

When it comes to achieving long-term success, Jim Vreeland was aware that the most important factor was cultivating long-lasting relationships with clients. Creating an experience that connects with buyers was an essential part of his customer-centric strategy, which goes beyond simply executing commercial transactions. His takes the time to learn about the specific tastes and requirements of each individual customer. This allows him to make certain that the automobile that the customer drives off the lot was not merely a vehicle but also a great match for their way of life.

Jim Vreeland was well-known for his charitable pursuits, which extend beyond the confines of the showroom floor. Several humanitarian causes and community activities have benefited from his enthusiastic participation. This philanthropic mentality not only exemplifies his dedication to giving back to the community, but it also contributes to the enhancement of the favorable image of the automobile industry.

Jim Vreeland’s obituary will be released by the family

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