Jenny Appleford Rancho Cucamonga, CA YouTube Influencer Jenny Apple has days to live as she tells husband Kylie Lamb to remarry

Family mourns as they prepare for mother of two and YouTube influencer Jenny Apple demise following latest doctors reports

Family and friends of beloved Rancho Cucamonga, CA YouTube Influencer and mother of two are griving after recent doctors report shows Jenny Appleford may have only days to be with her family. Jenny Appleford was diagnosed with non smoker lung cancer in 2021. The loving wife of Kylie Lamb received the news with so much devastation and shock.

She the created a YouTube channel to ducument her experience with the world. Jenny Apple has indeed touched many lived through her YouTube channel. In February 2022, Jenny announced that the deadly disease has now upgraded to a Stage IV Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (spreading to Brain, and other parts of lung and lymph nodes.)

Sadly, few days ago Jenny Apple in the company of her husband revealed that the latest doctors report say she may have just days left with her family. In the emotional YouTube video, Jenny was seen encouraging her husband, ” Kylie is allowed to fall in love and remarry.” Jenny said.

Jenny Apploford was diagnosed with cancer on March 19th, 2021, after she developed rib pain that would not get better and progressed to shortness of breath. Jenny had to advocate for diagnostic scans as the doctors at her previous Hospital did not believe that a 33-year-old healthy young woman could have a serious illness.

The initial diagnosis was inoperable Stage 3 adenocarcinoma lung cancer. Jenny had to switch insurance providers to receive treatment at City of Hope Cancer Hospital. The insurance switch was stressful and cost them $870 dollars a month, and that does not include any costs associated with treatment, scans, hospitalizations, etc. Jenny completed her first round of treatment, including 8 rounds of chemo and 30 chest/lung radiation sessions in June 2021.

By the end of her first treatment, Jenny was unable to eat and was on a liquid diet due to the burning of her esophagus from the radiation treatment. Jenny’s second treatment was to start immunotherapy (Imfinzi) infusion for the next year. Unfortunately, after her first immunotherapy in August 2021, she developed a rare and severe reaction to the medication that forced her to be hospitalized for 15 days at City of Hope.

Jenny is still taking steroids and prophylactic antibiotics to manage the reaction, but the reaction put a delay in additional treatment. Jenny had numerous small spots show up on her CT scan in December 2021, which led to an evaluation with the pulmologist and a lung liquid biopsy/lung wash. The Lung liquid biopsy/lung wash revealed new cancer cells on February 25th, 2022. Jenny then underwent new diagnostic CT, Brain MRI, and PET scans to determine the extent of the new cancer occurrence.

At the time of this publication, Jenny is alive and spending her last days in the company of her husband and children at the hospital as her condition is reportedly too delicate to allow them transfer her to the house.

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