Jason Geier

Jason Geier Fort Recovery, OH, died after battling cancer

Jason Geier Death – Jason “Chainsaw” Geier of Fort Recovery, Ohio, has passed away on Sunday, December 10, he was 38 years old. He was given a diagnosis of colon cancer that had spread to his liver and bladder, on the evening of New Year’s Eve in 2018. A number of tests and chemotherapy treatments were administered to Geier throughout the course of that year.

He was able to discontinue his treatments in January of 2020 because the scans were negative. But in October, it was discovered that the disease had returned to his liver, and he started receiving chemotherapy treatments again.

Jason, his wife Melissa, and their four young sons reside in Fort Recovery. Jason can be found there. The Sawyer Overman Annual Wiffle Ball Benefit Weekend has decided that Jason and Melissa Geier, together with their family, will receive our share of the fifty-fifty for the New Year’s Eve party. They were hoping that they would be able to assist the family in covering any medical fees or do whatever they desired.

Jason Geier Obituary and funeral plans will be released by the family at a later date…

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