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What was Jared Wolsleben's cause of death? Learn more about Jared Wolsleben's death and obituary

Jared Wolsleben Death – Horseshoe Bend High School student Jared Wolsleben has sadly passed away. He died leaving family and friends devastated. He was confirmed dead through a Facebook post that reads “This world is not the same without you bud, it was hard getting up this morning, I never imagine my heart could hurt this much a part of me is gone with you I or the rest of your family will never be the same”. The circumstances surrounding the cause of  Jared Wolsleben’s death has not been released.

Who was Jared Wolsleben?

Jared’s selfless dedication to various community service initiatives radiates an unwavering altruistic spirit. Despite his captivating charm, he remains firmly grounded and modest, eschewing any desire for acknowledgment or praise for his benevolent efforts. Instead, he finds satisfaction in the collective advancement and welfare of those around him, epitomizing the true meaning of altruism and empathy. His sincere concern for the welfare of others, combined with an unyielding commitment to personal development and community enhancement, characterizes him as a well-rounded individual, evoking admiration and reverence from all fortunate enough to cross paths with him.

Through his steadfast pursuit of excellence, compassionate nature, and exceptional leadership, Jared serves as a guiding light for today’s youth, instilling in them the belief that the actions of a single individual can ignite positive change and shape a brighter future for everyone.

Jared Wolsleben GoFundMe

On Tuesday, the 7th of November 2023, John Wolsleben established a GoFundMe account with the intention of providing the family of the deceased with some financial support while they are going through this difficult time in their lives. The total amount that has been raised so far through the campaign is $16,760, with the largest donation being $1,000. The goal of the fundraiser was set to raise the sum of $10,000, so far 121donations have been made to the account.

A statement from the fundraiser reads “This week our family suffered a tragedy that took the life of my brother, Jared Wolsleben. Our family wasn’t prepared for this unexpected event, and I am trying to raise money to help with costs during this incredibly hard time. I would like to personally thank everyone for reaching out with your kind words, and please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Jared Wolsleben’s obituary will be released by the family

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